Fachgebiet Stadtsoziologie
Prof. Dr. Annette Spellerberg

Events such as public viewing, city festivals or concerts are a continuous part of urban life. The organizers and security guards don’t have enough scientifically established planning aids, which are also with a practical orientation, to fulfil the needed safety concepts to prevent disasters.

The department of Urban Sociology (Prof. Spellerberg) and the workgroup for mathematical optimization (Prof. Hamacher) from the University of Kaiserslautern are working with experts from the company VDS Events, Services, Safety and Information and Management Systems, the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, the Technische Universität München (TUM) as well as the University of Koblenz for the next three years on the project “MultikOSi”. They are working on assisting systems for the planning and executing of urban major events. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research are supporting this project as part of the program “Research for civil safety II” with 3.3 Million Euros.

The project team is combining their competences from the fields of event security, mathematics, computer sciences, sociology and constructional engineering to gain a better understanding of the procedures during urban major events, develop new models to analyze the stream of visitors and link these with one another.  From this a new method shall be developed to assist planning and optimizing safety concepts for such events. The interdependencies between safety, openness and economic efficiency are a main focus of the optimization. With the widespread and interdisciplinary approach new methods shall emerge that enable a smooth process with a high satisfaction for visitors. Based on the scientific results new software instruments can be developed in future for event planning.

The mathematical optimization in the project of “MultikOSi” is on the basis of mathematical analysis to answer certain questions that come about at all urban events. These can be questions like on the one hand the best location for the event, the layout of safety and functional structures within the location and on the other hand the consequences of these structures for safety, economic efficiency and visitor-friendliness. The field of Urban Sociology is empirically analyzing the perception, social behavior and attitude during different phases of the events. These analyses are conducted via standardized and non-standardized interviews, measuring of stress and analysis of group and organizational structures. The insights are included in the mathematical models which show visitor streams. Safety and the aspect of a positive experience of the event are the main focal point. The aim is to assist the event manager, security forces, police and fire departments in the planning and execution of the event, as well as establishing training material. The part of the TU Kaiserslautern in the project is at 870.00 Euros. The three scientific project workers are given the opportunity to the doctorate.  



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