Fachgebiet Stadtsoziologie
Prof. Dr. Annette Spellerberg


Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin Bergner

Phone: +49 (0)631 205 4195

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Room 013

  • Researcher in the project “Social Aspects of Security and Comfort at Urban Events” (funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Duration 2013-2016)
  • Dissertation on “Planung von Sicherheit im Kontext von Events und öffentlichen Räumen”
  • Bergner, Benjamin; Steffen, Daniel (2015): The role of user-generated emotion data and their optimized visualization for planning decision making. In: Milan Macoun, Karel Maier (Hrsg.): Proceedings AESOP 2015 Prague Annual Congress 2015 - Definite Space – Fuzzy Responsibility, Prag, S. 2216-2230. Abstract: http://aesop2015.guarant.eu/aesop-2015-proceedings-2015-07-09.pdf
  • Rodrigues da Silva, A. N.; Zeile, P.; Aguiar, F.; Papastefanou, G.; Bergner, B. S.: Smart Sensoring and Barrier Free Planning - Project Outcomes and Recent Developments; in: Pinto, N. N.; Tenedório, J. A.; Antunes, A. P.; Cladera, J. R. (Hrsg.): Technologies for Urban and Spatial Planning, IGI Global, S. 93-112, Hershey PA, USA, 2014. Abstract: http://www.igi-global.com/chapter/smart-sensoring-and-barrier-free-planning/104212
  • Reuter, V.; Bergner, B. S.; Köster, G.; Seitz, M.; Treml, F.; Hartmann, D.: On Modeling Groups in Crowds - Empirical Evidence and Simulation Results Including Large Groups, in: Weidmann, U.; Kirsch, U.; Schreckenberg, M. (Hrsg.): Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics 2012, S. 835-846, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2014.
  • Michel, F.; Steffen, D.; Bergner, B. S.; Exner, J.-P.; Zeile, P.: A new Approach in the Visualization of Georeferenced Sensor Data in Spatial Planning; in: Schrenk, M.; Popovich, V. V.; Zeile, P; Elisei, P.(Hrsg): Proceedings REAL CORP 2013, S. 17 - 24, Rom, 2013. Full paper: http://corp.at/archive/CORP2013_178.pdf


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